Interior Design in the UK

Interior design is a popular job or business that involves making interior spaces safe, beautiful and functional by determining the lighting, color schemes, fixtures, fittings, furniture and structural alterations of the interior spaces. Interior design can be categorized into commercial and domestic interior designers.

Interior design involves working on a variety of properties such as: public buildings, domestic properties, ships and aircrafts, residential homes, retail properties such as restaurants and shops, leisure properties such as hotels, office properties.  Interior design in the UK has rapidly been increasing over the years with the increasing rate at which buildings are coming up. There are a number of factors or criteria that have led to the increasing rate of interior design in the UK outlined below:

  • Rapidly growing businesses– As businesses are rapidly growing in the UK over the years, more and more buildings are being constructed to accommodate the upcoming businesses and as a result you can see the increasing growth rate of interior design of these buildings in the UK.
  • Increased population- As a result of the increasing population in the UK, the number of houses, apartments being constructed is also rapidly increasing and thus this has led to the increasing growth in the interior design of these houses and apartments in the UK.
  • Growing real estate business- As you can see, the real estate business continues to flourish in the UK. , the interior design business continues to flourish with it. The more real estate continues to rapidly grow the more interior design in the UK continues to prosper as well.


The above summarizes the concept of interior design as well as the factors or criteria that have led to the flourishing business of interior design in the UK.


Interior design is a business that has been there for centuries and has evolved over the years and still continues to evolve. As you can see, all interior spaces of buildings that range from houses to hotels to apartments require interior design. Therefore it is an aspect that we as human beings cannot live without.